Learning Objectives

The advantage of developing a new system to judge work in TOK would be more beneficial to us because the work we do does not consist of a correct percentage out of one hundred. We do quality work and have passionate discussion that seems to me unable to rank. Numbers cannot describe words and I believe honest discussion about the progress we make as individuals would be a more fair assessment than that of grading participation. Our core work and learning is done through discussion so numbers cannot begin to fairly assess our dense content that we cover. Theory of Knowledge is not simply a participation or completion grade, it is heavy discussion and contemplation that a number grade can not even begin to describe. The problem now, is finding a way to fairly assess ourselves in the theory of knowledge.

This I Believe: The Power Of Literature

I sat in my desk in class in the seventh grade. That period was one that switch every nine weeks to another class, this nine weeks I had a writing class with the teacher who also instructed my language arts class that was first period. The teacher was out that day so the substitute told us to sit quietly and write anything in our notebooks. Anything. I could turn that blank notebook paper into anything my imagination could create. I remembered a dream I’d had the night before and began writing. It turned into a narrative. A story about a girl, who was a princess believe it or not. I didn’t stop writing until the forty-five minute class was over and I only stopped then because I had to leave the classroom to go to my next subject. And I wrote through that entire class as well. My mind wouldn’t stop creating this story it had started. I would read when I couldn’t write. I would live through the stories. I loved the thought of having access to living so many lives, any life I wanted. I co…

How Is The Learner Profile Reflected In The Way I Live My Life?

The learner profile is something that has worked in my every day life throughout the entirety of my being alive. Especially the top two attributes in my personal profile, those two are caring and principled. The few at the bottom are also very common in my every day life, whereas the characteristics between the top and bottom are not very prominent, I just wasn't strong or weak in any of them.
Caring is something one could say I am too much of sometimes. I work hard to be compassionate to others and I try to be understanding of the fact that I don't know what someone else is going through, so I need to not always say what I think about people. I like to be sympathetic to those that are going through hard times in their life, even someone I'm not necessarily fond of, it is in my nature to be there for them and listen to them, give them a shoulder to cry on. I care about people who don't care about me, which is a fatal flaw of mine, I always put in more than whoever is on…